Music Composition

Tanya, inspired by her father who wrote musicals, started composing songs on her guitar in her teens. Alas they are currently unrecorded. But while producing films she came across the need for original music and has since created a bunch of music for the films she has edited. Here are a few selections.

Payback (mildly funky - used in film)

Relax (guitar - beginning of movie "The Line Between")

Delicate Piano (end of "The Line Between" - probably one of my favorites)

ETDance (composed and used in the play "Euphoric Tendencies" for a clubbing dance sequence).

While it should go without saying, you may download and listen to these but you are not authorized to use them, duplicate them or utilize them in any way without the express written consent of Tanya Marten. If you would like to utilize any of these pieces or discuss or listen to other pieces please feel free to contact Tanya at


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