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Relationship Status: Married to Jonathan Marten (New York, NY)
Birthday: April 4, Aries / Cancer Rising
Political Views: Liberal
Religious Views: Eclectic

It’s possible that you may come across an area that you need a password to access. If you want access to a certain area (some are just for friends and family), please email me at tanyitska@gmail.com and we’ll talk.

MY DISCLAIMER - everything here is my personal opinion, if I tell direct you to a link where I’ve found some fun stuff I’m not endorsing that you buy anything from them or that I agree with everything they may say (I probably haven’t read it all cuz I don’t have the time). Also, if you don’t agree with anything I say or what I say upsets you. Please leave the site. Also anything I write in this website is my personal property, and you are not authorized to pick it up and circulate it as yours. Feel free to link to my site if by some chance you like it.

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